2013 Annual Theme

It’s that time of the year again. End of year brings ritualistic closure and new beginnings. At least for me, my mind packages up all that was and looks forward to all that could be.

It’s also a time of reflection. My business coach (the best investment I’ve ever made) annually leads me through an exercise that looks at three questions:

  • List all successes, wins, breakthroughs and celebrations for the year.
  • List all failures, losses, breakdowns and disappointments.
  • List all things that I learned about life and myself during the year.

I keep these, and it’s been amazingly fun to reflect on what actually happened (as we tend to only remember the bad) as well as to look at themes over several years. I highly recommend doing the same for yourself.

It’s also a time that I create my annual themes. You can read my theories on this tradition, as well as look at past themes. I opted to select two for the coming year, and they are heavily influenced by Julie.

  • Living from abundance: the world is full of opportunity, and when we live from abundance – it comes back to us in bounty. Rather than thinking that my options are limited, or that I don’t have opportunity, I need to remember that there are options not yet uncovered. It includes being generous with my time and resources. It impacts me professionally, personally, financially, etc.
  • More ‘Hell Yes!’: if my reaction isn’t ‘hell yes’, then the answer should be ‘hell no’. The in-between of mediocrity is just a bad place to live life.

What’s your theme?