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  • Best vacation policy ever

    Jason Freedman has it right. He wrote a post recently about 42 Floors vacation policy – which consists of a mandatory two weeks of vacation on your first day. Wait, wha????? That’s right, they start paying you and ask you to show up two weeks later. The premise being that we don’t really take vacation […]
  • Yup, yup.

    I got called out this week. I’m an easy target, and in general – my friends know that I love poking fun at my idiosyncrasies. “It’s taken a long time for me to realize that you’re not being dismissive, but that you’re just indicating understanding.” Huh? It was the constant stream of “yup” that I […]
  • Not the same old marketing

    During the first year of leading the Startup Leadership Program, we included the obligatory class on marketing. In the second year, we broke that down into acquiring buyers (entrepreneurial selling) and acquiring users (more akin to traditional marketing). We talked about SEO, retargeting of ads, and virality. It was good stuff, but somehow didn’t seem […]
  • Rethinking the bonus

    I read a great article on how to reshape the traditional bonus. I can’t find the original article, but the study it was based off of was summarized in the Wall Street Journal. The article went something like this: a bonus is designed to incentive improved performance, and is paid only after certain milestones are […]
  • Move My Cheese

    @FakeGrimlock is releasing a book of startup awesomeness. Of course, I was a backer in the lowest category that got me a signed copy. Feel free to stop by this summer and check out my new coffee table decoration! @FakeGrimlock has started to jump the shark, but the core message of no-nonsense focus on product […]
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