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  • Yup, yup.

    I got called out this week. I’m an easy target, and in general – my friends know that I love poking fun at my idiosyncrasies. “It’s taken a long time for me to realize that you’re not being dismissive, but that you’re just indicating understanding.” Huh? It was the constant stream of “yup” that I […]
  • Move My Cheese

    @FakeGrimlock is releasing a book of startup awesomeness. Of course, I was a backer in the lowest category that got me a signed copy. Feel free to stop by this summer and check out my new coffee table decoration! @FakeGrimlock has started to jump the shark, but the core message of no-nonsense focus on product […]
  • The Business Mentor I Admire Most

    Adapted from an essay written to support my admission to S.P.A.R.K., a Startup Weekend held with Technori in July 2011. *** As corny as it sounds, I already have my dream business mentor: my father.  He runs a small family business in Rockford, IL.  He makes metal parts, which is far from my traditional interests or […]
  • The Fifth Truth: Defy Gravity

    Adapted from an essay written to support my admission to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in February 2008. *** Our private equity partner team signs their emails with four truths: communicate fearlessly, compress time, work tirelessly, and love what you do. These truths have been good to me, helping me achieve success […]
  • Truths To Live By via Bob Sherman

    Early in my career, I had worked with some amazing folks. Industry giants, actually. People who would teach me a lot about business, about what it meant to be a leader, and how gave me opportunities above and beyond my experience or years. Folks like Jim Yager of Barrington Broadcasting, and Bob Pittman, Bob Sherman, […]
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