Move My Cheese

Move My Cheese@FakeGrimlock is releasing a book of startup awesomeness. Of course, I was a backer in the lowest category that got me a signed copy. Feel free to stop by this summer and check out my new coffee table decoration!

@FakeGrimlock has started to jump the shark, but the core message of no-nonsense focus on product is spot on. And we can all be reminded of it.

As we re-dig-in on Kurfuffl, thought I’d redig out this old blog post on the same subject from a year+ ago. Amazing how things come back. It’s more true today than back then. MOVE MY CHEESE, PLEASE.

Originally posted on another blog in December 2011.


Last week I came across this guest blog post by @FakeGrimlock, who is self-described as “ME, GRIMLOCK, GIANT ROBOT DINOSAUR THAT WRITE CODE, DRINK COFFEE.” It’s pretty damn funny stuff, especially if you see his Twitter feed.

I love that post. I’m in cat-eating mode when it comes to Kurfuffl. My cheese has been moved a lot lately, with delays, re-engaging at Cellit, the holidays, etc. And we keep finding creative solutions to the problems (or, are at least working on those solutions …)

So, to remind myself of that not only is having you cheese moved ok, but that we need to take no prisoners in the process … I purchased a poster of that last drawing as an early Christmas present to myself. (ok, so maybe I purchased all of them ….)