New Year Thoughts

It’s Jan 2, and I’m happily settled into an office plugging away on the things that I should be plugging away on. It’s great to have nothing but time in front of you, and to tackle projects in the way that makes sense (rather than what’s due first, or what someone wants first, or to be interrupted.) I’ve forgotten how luxurious this is.

Anyway, back on topic – New Years Resolutions. I’m not a huge fan of them, as inevitably they are harder to keep than we expect. Rather, I believe in finding a theme for the year. Themes are typically lessons life/you need to learn and are working towards. Sometimes it takes me forever to find the theme, as usually the theme finds me. But this year it came early, and I’m excited. So, in honor of the New Year .. I thought I’d take a look back and share the last five years with you:

2008 – Defy Gravity: This is the year that I left my job to start grad school at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, and if you didn’t know – I wrote an entire essay on this theme. In a nutshell: learn to do the impossible, and take the leaps of faith that you need to take.

2009 – Just Do It: In the throws of grad school, this year was all about just trudging along and getting it done.

2010 – Dynamic Duo: Batman & Robin make a great team, and my lesson to learn for 2010 was how partnerships make life better. Romantically, professionally, athletically, etc.

2011 – Here I Go Again (on my own): And, unlike 2010, this year was remembering that sometimes it’s just better to go at it alone. This year was about learning those lessons to find balance between partnerships/singularity.

And … drum roll please!

2012 – Dream Big: I have big plans for 2012, and I’m not dreaming small. Most of those dreams involve Kurfuffl, and I have no doubt that we’ll be reflecting on 2012 with lots of joy for the amazing year it will have been. Thanks for dreaming big with me.