Yup, yup.

I got called out this week. I’m an easy target, and in general – my friends know that I love poking fun at my idiosyncrasies.

“It’s taken a long time for me to realize that you’re not being dismissive, but that you’re just indicating understanding.”


It was the constant stream of “yup” that I uttered as he talked to me that was the reference. During our conversation, I must have said yup 50 times as he explained his ideal.

I was in a meeting with a VC yesterday, and he was doing the same thing. I smiled as he said yup at almost every sentence during the presentation. On one slide in particular – he deviated from this pattern, listened and didn’t utter a word while the presenter finished speaking. The VC then asked several follow up questions to understand the point more fully.

As I’ve payed attention, ‘yup’ is just my way of saying “I understand; I get it.” In part it’s so you can spend more time explaining the stuff I don’t understand. That’s the stuff that makes or breaks the conversation.